The Classification of Bitumen

The Classification of Bitumen

There are many different sorts of methods to #test the #specifications of bitumen based on international standards such as: #API, #DIN, #ASTM and so on. Some of these methods, which are used to test the quality of bitumen are very simple and common such as Softening Point, Penetration and viscosity.  As a result these tests have been used for the classification of bitumen commonly.

Bitumen is categorized on the basis of the results obtained by the above mentioned test methods in three major categories.

  1. #Penetration Grade of Bitumen:

This kind of bitumen is produced in the refinery directly or by some Air Blowing.  The classification of this bitumen is based on a range of Penetration e.g. Penetration Bitumen 60/70 which means that the penetration of this bitumen is between 60 and 70. We have prepared specification of penetration bitumen for you and you will be able to see in this link.

  1. #Oxidized Bitumen:

Oxidized Bitumen is shown by R(SP)(PEN) in which SP is Softening and PEN is Penetration as a result R85/25 mean an oxidized bitumen with Softening point=85 and Penetration=25. You can see specification of R85/25 in this link.

  1. #Viscosity Grade of Bitumen:

It’s shown that Viscosity can used for classification of bitumen. In comparison with Penetration and Softening point, classification by viscosity is not very common. But it may be more accurate.

Consequently, considered a new classification for bitumen is VG-10 to AG-40 based on Viscosity.

You can see the specification of VG Bitumen as follows:

Classifaication of bitumenClassifaication of bitumen
Classifaication of bitumen

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