Feedar Esfahan Manufacturing Co.

Feedar Esfahan #Manufacturing Co.

Feedar Esfahan Manufacturing Co. Is a member of the union of exporters of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals in Iran which is operating under the supervision of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce.

For over a decade the Feedar Group has been one of the leaders in the #export of Iranian bitumen with various #penetrations to different destinations.  Although bitumen penetration grade 60/70 and 80/100 is the main productions of Iranian refineries The Feedar Group is very keen to provide buyers with top quality bitumen with a variety of penetrations. To name of few different #grades of bitumen that we can help you obtain is Penetration #Bitumen85/100, Penetration #Bitumen40/50, Penetration #Bitumen50/70, #BitumenAH-70 Penetration as well as #BitumenAH-90 Penetration. Our factory, which is located near the ancient city of Isfahan, produces many sorts of new steel drums with different dimensions and capacities.
Photos of our drums are available in our photo gallery.  The specifications of our #drums are also available on our web site.  We are also able to provide our #buyers with bitumen in Reconditioned & Used Drums, Poly Bags, Jambo Bags, Bulkers and Bitutainers. The Feedar Group is able to supply new and used drums in #break-bulk or #palletized as required by its buyers.

Our head office located in Tehran will tend to the customer’s needs in the best manner.

Export of bitumen along with inspection certificates in new steel drums has been our business for more than 15 years.   Our company policy is to delivery on #CFR basis, however under certain circumstances #FOB term of delivery can be negotiated.
Documents, invoicing and payment terms can be agreed upon at the time finalizing the business.
The main port from which we export our bitumen from is Bandar Abbas, Iran.
 We are able to stuff containers, load vessels of break bulk or barges according to the customer’s needs


We hope you find everything you are looking for on our site. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via the Contact page on this website.


Head Office: Suite 708, No. 244 Elaheyeh Bldg Complex ., Africa Ave., Tehran, Iran

Tel:      (+98 21) 26213068-9

            (+98 21) 26212936-7

Fax:     (+98 21) 26213071



Feedar Esfahan Manufacturing Co.

iranian bitumen packing and export

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    We are Ethiopian trading company. We want to import 60/70 bitumen for the supply of government construction company 16000 barrel
    Please contact me on my mail.

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