Sell bitumen to use in hot rolled asphalt

Sell bitumen to use in hot rolled asphalt
Sell bitumen to use in hot rolled asphalt
Sell bitumen to use in hot rolled asphalt

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The primary function of bitumen is to act as an adhesive. It is required either to bind aggregate particles together or to provide a bond between particles and an existing surface. Although the incidence of premature failure attributed to adhesion is relatively rare, failures when they occur may involve considerable expense. The need to ensure adhesion between the aggregate and the bitumen is very important. In the UK, the traditional dense, high bitumen content mixtures, such as hot rolled asphalt, have now been replaced by high stone content materials that contain less bitumen. These materials tend to be laid in thinner layers where in situ stressing places more demand on the adhesive properties of the bitumen in the mixture.

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