Iran Bitumen Suppliers

Iran Bitumen Suppliers

There are many bitumen #suppliers in Iran, who are active in bitumen trading. Iran Bitumen Suppliers try to #supply the best Iranian Bitumen for their customers.  Feedar Group is one of them with more than two decades of experience.  The Feedar Group is able to pack and #export Iranian refineries’ bitumen with the best quality and price all over the world.

The Feedar Group can pack Bitumen 60/70, Bitumen 80/100, Bitumen 85/100 and other grades of bitumen in New Steel Drums, Poly Bags, Jumbo Bags and so on based on the choice of its customers.  If you are looking for one of Iran Bitumen Suppliers you are in the correct place.  The Feedar Group is able to supply the best Iranian bitumen for you as soon as possible.  

The Feedar Group has its own drum production and bitumen packing factory in Esfahan and we can pack and export your required bitumen in the shortest amount of time.  The Feedar Group also is able to supply Jey and Pasargad Oil Companies’ bitumen for its customer.  If you required more information about the Feedar Group or the Feedar Group’s services feel free to contact us via Email, phone or the contact page on this website.  We will try to answer your request as soon as possible and we hope to develope fruitful mutual business relations.

More over if you want to know about the available packings, you can visit this link.

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