poly bag
poly bag

Feedar Esfahan Group:

Besides the purity and the quality of bitumen, the quality of the  #packing is an important factor in the bitumen business.  Different types of packing are available for exports out of Iran, such as new steel drum, bulk and #polybag.
Polybags have certain advantages for bitumen packing and export.  To name a few of these advantages the low cost of packing, the light weights of the bags, the ease of transportation of bags could be mentioned.
One of the main reasons to choose bitumen in #poly-bag packings is the ease in its transportation. Polybags can be melted in the bitumen mixer in the asphalt factory without any problems and this is an important reason for use poly bags as a mean of packing.

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Bitumen polybag
Bitumen polybag

Iran bitumen in poly bags of 30 kg, which can normally fit around 700 bags per 20’ dry container and are meltable in bitumen melting machines.
Brand: Feedar Esfahan
Manufacturer: Feedar Esfahan

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